About Me

About Me

Shanelle lives in Arizona with her husband, 2 small children and 2 dogs

Her and her husband (Jordan) work 1099 commission sales. Shanelle runs the behind the scenes marketing and Jordan does the in person sales. They also do some real estate investing & run a successful Airbnb in Surprise, AZ.

Shanelle has been in sales for 10 years. 4 years selling Oxygen at Oxygen bars in Vegas, 3 years in door to door sales including running a 15 person sales team and the last 3 years have been spent cold calling clients leads.

Along with sales, she jokes that she has become indoctrinated by personal development having spent the last 10 years listening and reading anything she could get her hands on to be a better wife, mother, business owner, saleswoman & friend.

Believing the quote, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”