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 I’m ShanelleKunz (K-OO-NS)  

Mama, Wifey, Adventure Seeker, Book Junkie, Sometimes I’m a little “extra”…

and I’m wildly passionate about teaching heart-centered sales to determined, dedicated women!

 Some Sales History 👇

I started my sales career over a decade ago selling recreational oxygen to humans…😉People love recreational oxygen and if you’re ever in Las Vegas give it a whirl, it’s fantastic.

Selling oxygen was my first commissioned sales position, and I quickly became addicted to setting personal sales goals and reaching them. Being in control of my income was stressful but also wildly empowering.

I quickly became determined to break as many sales records as possible while in that sales position and, I did. 

Fast forward to 2011 when I met my now-husband. After a few weeks of dating, I realized Jordan, being in sales too, was working a lot fewer hours than me and making a lot more money… 

So, I insisted he allow me to “shadow” him during a few of his sales meetings. The next day, he woke up to a text message stating I had quick my job, that morning, and was going to be working with him.

I burned a bridge so that I had to sink or swim with this new sales gig. A new sales gig, that happened to be Door to Door Sales! 

There was a learning curve with door-to-door sales but once I figured it out, I was making more money in a month, with fewer hours worked than I had made in 3 months anywhere else. 

Door-to-door sales was commission-only; therefore, I only made money if I made a sale. Commission-only was stressful at first but has proven to be very empowering. It means yes, I don’t get paid unless I work but also there is no cap to how much money, I can make.

Hence why I believe sales is the most incredible industry on earth. There is no limit to your potential or earnings, and if you can sell one thing you can sell anything. 

Not to mention We Are All in Sales, in one way or another…

With only a few college credits under my belt, over the last decade, I have broken numerous sales records and have outsold many of my male counterparts. I have managed 15+ person sales teams with 98% of the team members being males.

There are plenty of men in top sales positions, and there needs to be more women! Women are powerful, and if I can empower a woman with confidence combined with sales technique, she can far surpass the results of any man and change the life of her family, herself and her community.

I truly believe if you empower a woman, you empower nations! Hence, why I started this little blog, podcast, and Youtube Channel.

Sales & Marketing have been vehicles of financial freedom for my family and I and has allowed us to give back to our communties with out time, finances and job opportunities. From selling recreational oxygen, to door-to-door sales, to winning car bonuses in network marketing and a few years spent in online lead generation.

Sales is the greatest industry in the world!

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Whole The Podcast 👇

Whole is a podcast for the modern woman where we discuss all things from business, to family, mental & physical health, to joy and connection.

It’s a space where I get to interview others about areas of life that interest me.

I’ve done the “goal-focused life,” it didn’t serve me well. I found myself hitting sales goals..but nothing more. Nowadays, I am more intersted in a well-rounded “Whole” lifestyle that includes all the important things like family, mental and physical health, laughter, service and contribution, as well as, sales & finance.

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