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Welcome Mama!  

I’m ShanelleKunz (K-OO-NS)  

Mama, Wifey, Chocolate Craver and Passionate about Teaching Heart Centered Sales to determined and dedicated women!    

I started my sales career over a decade ago selling recreational oxygen to humans…😄 In 2011, I met my husband who was in the door to door sales industry, when I found out how much money he was making combined with his time freedom, I immediately thought to myself, “well, if you can do it I can do it too.”    

 And I did.     

Over the last decade I have broken sales records and have continued to outsell my male counterparts and then turned around and managed them for a few years.    

Sales & Marketing have been vehicles of financial freedom for me and my family from selling recreational oxygen, to door to door sales, winning car bonuses in network marketing, as well as online lead generation.    

Sales has given me not only financial freedom but time freedom too. Allowing me to be my own boss, make my own hours and work on my terms.   

If you’re drowning in work/life overwhelm – not reaching your sales/business goals and thinking about giving up. DON’T. – Simply message me. I have resources that can assist you in reaching your goals.    

You Can Do It! It’s Possible.      

It’s Possible to keep family your top priority, travel to beautiful locations and to have the Financial Freedom to not have to hide your Amazon packages from your husband!  😉  


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