My kiddos are still young but last year my husband and I started a tradition that we plan to carry on doing throughout the years.

My mother in law (seriously the kindest woman on the ?) shared the idea with my last year. She shared how she EGGS Her Neighbor’s Homes Every Easter. She takes little plastic eggs (from the $1 store) and fills them with jellybeans, nic nacs and chocolates. She then takes those eggs and hides them all over the neighbors front yard. When she’s done. SHE RINGS THEIR DOORBELL AND RUNS! ? Leaving behind a note that says.

“We’ve hidden eggs in your yard! Enjoy the hunt but don’t be sad that one is empty! It is a reminder of the empty tomb. He is Risen!”

I loved the idea so much that we have done it for our friends & neighbors the last 2 years and both years we find that this little activity is EGG-DICTING! ??

We start off with a small list of families to egg and as we drop off the eggs off, the fun of hiding them and then doorbell ditching ? makes us what to EGG more people!

I’m not Super Crafty, so I googled “easter egging free printable” and loads of options came up. My favorite image, this year, was from Crisp Collective.

It was fun when we got “egged” and loads of fun to be the one hiding the eggs!



-Simple Plastic Eggs (dollar store or  target..or Amazon if you’re not itchin to leave your house to shop)

– Jellybeans or chocolate of your choice. You could even use spare change or small nic nacs.

– A note to leave on the door saying “You’ve Been Egged. We’ve hidden 12 Eggs in your yard. Enjoy the hunt but don’t be sad that one is empty. It is a reminder of the empty tomb.

You can create a simple note or google: “egging with an empty egg” there are plently of Free pdf downloads to print out. The pdf we used this year was from


Simply fill the eggs with your goodies of choice, leaving one egg empty to represent the empty tomb. Take those eggs to a friend’s house and scatter them about for the kiddos to search and find. Leave the note on their door.

Ring the doorbell and RUN! ?