Miracle Morning is a book written by Hal Elrod. In the book Hal implores the reader to implement an acronym, he created, called SAVERS into their everyday morning routine.

S- Silence (meditation)

A- Affirmations

V- Visulaization

E- Exercise

R- Reading

S- Scribing (journaling. See post on prayer journaling here)

This morning routine typically starts around 5am for me. Which is about 1.5-2 hours before my kids wake up. You may think that sounds crazy but it may sound even more crazy that I started this little routine when my son was 3 months old and my daughter just 2 years old. And as my daughter sleeps soundly through the night. My son wasn’t yet. In fact, the first 5 months of his life, night time sleep, was awful!

Yes, some may say I should have been getting all the sleep I could get with two young babies and one not sleeping through the night BUT during that time of our life, not only did I have a new baby but I was put into a really intense work from home situation and with both mine and husband’s families over 800 miles away, I didn’t have hands to help tend the kids while I worked.

Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning routine saved me! What it did was empower me to get in self-care, early before my kids woke up as well as some uninterrupted work, empowering me to more energetically and powerfully tackle my busy day!

Was I tired??

YES! The first month of doing Miracle Mornings was So Challenging! I was exhausted by the kid’s nap time and needed to take a nap myself but at that point of the day, I had already gotten so much done, I could take a nap guilt-free. Fast forward to 30 days after starting the regimen and now to today 183 days in. I RARELY need a nap and if I do. I totally take it! 

My goal for this year is to do 365 Miracle Mornings and see what happens after a year. I share my progress on my Instagram stories.

As a mama, I did the whole sleeping until my kids woke me up “thing” and it did not serve me well. I woke up exhausted and flustered because my toddler was in “5thgear” bouncing off the walls from the moment she woke up and the baby needed me and my body from the moment he woke up as well. Then add in a work load to that I felt completely drained. 

…. I reflect on those feelings now on the mornings when I am tempted to sleep in. Do I want to feel good and have the energy to take on the day?? or walk around like a frustrated zombie??

The option of energetic happy mama usually wins!