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On today’s episode, we have Christina Masureik. Christina is the epitome of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. From childhood trauma to a thriving business and home life, Christina shares her insights on how to use trauma and transform it into a powerful and purposeful brand.

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About Christina

Christina Masureik is foremost a mama of 2 “rambunctious” young boys. Christina is an event coordinator and passionate marketer, having built and sold a highly profitable marketing business before her sons were born.

She is currently in the process of writing her memoir “Adopted: Finding a New Kind of Happy.” The book goes into greater depth of her childhood trauma, life, and personal development journey.

Christina was born the oldest of 5 siblings, and after a series of traumatic home-life events, Christina and her sister were put up for adoption. Events that preceded the adoption included witnessing her mother involved in gang violence, extreme alcoholism, and being a victim of severe neglect. During the adoption, Christina was separated from 3 of her siblings and put into foster care.

Shortly after her adoption into a new home, she uncovered that her new foster parents had deep emotional issues of their own. With no hope in sight of ever feeling loved or accepted, Christina turned to the best coping mechanisms her young mind could conjure up, from anorexia, perfectionism, and codependency; actions that led her to feelings of anxiety, shame, and inadequacy.


The Breakthrough

Christina spent years working through the psychological and emotional trauma she endured , but it wasn’t until she woke up, after a night of drinking,  with a realizatition that she had become her worst fear – a dependant drinker in motherhood.

At which point the pain of that reality caused her to take action to become a better woman for herself and her family.

She began to see a therapist and really started to heal her deep wounds.

During this process of healing, she also uncovered that the real purpose behind her trauma was her journey of transformation and that combined with her skills in marketing; she could share with others a story of hope, courage, and strength to better empower and strengthen other struggling women.

Your Transformation is Your Message. 

What She Learned

Christina says what she uncovered during this healing process brought her immense peace and joy.

  • We can’t change the past. We can only come to understand it and learn from it.
  • We can’t change people. Only people can change themselves.
  • By understanding WHY someone treated us a certain way, what in their life instigates this behavior, we can understand it from their perspective. This does not make the action acceptable, but it allows us to use the wider lens of God to offer the person grace and to forgive.
  • Forgiveness is a gift for us. Forgiving the offense will enable us to detach from the pains emotional hold on us.
  • Forgiveness does not mean forgetting and allowing someone to continue to mistreat you, even if it is because they are in pain. It is okay to remove yourself from toxic relationships, even if they’re family.
  • It is not only healthy, but it’s responsible for having personal boundaries. Name-calling, shaming, guilt-tripping, hitting, is never ok. It is especially not ok for parents to do that to their vulnerable children.
  • While I can’t change people or the past, I can change my attitude and pave the way for a better future, for myself and my children.
  • Lastly, I believe that if everyone were to spend time examining their life in an honest light and forgiving their past, it can change the world. All horrible acts are done out of pain from a previous horrible act. Pain perpetuates pain. Reversely, positivity breeds positivity.


Christina has turned her childhood trauma into a purposeful brand with a memoir in the works.

It’s a phenomenal episode – be sure to listen in! Links above.

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