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Dissolve your self-limiting beliefs in Sales, Business and Life with Don Miguel’s 4 Agreements.

The Four Agreements to Dissolving Limiting Beliefs are from one of my all time favorite books The Four Agreements by Don Miguel.

In this book Don offers 4 personal commitments we can make with ourselves in order to have the mental freedom from self-limiting beliefs, self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from having the joy, confidence and success personally & financially we desire to achieve.

I read this book about 6 years ago and it’s principles still pop into my head on a regular basis, 6 years later!!

So, I’ll give you a short synopsis of the book and how I feel the principles are relevant and beneficial to apply in the sales and business world, as well as life.

Listen to the 13 Minute Episode –>Here

  1. Be Impeccable with Your Word.

Sales reps and network marketers can get a bad wrap because we have all experienced at least one shady or pushy salesperson in our lives, who was only out for personal gain and not the best interest of you, the prospect.

 I would be remiss if I said I had never met a shady, self-centered salesperson.

Now, I know you are a person of high values, but being impeccable with your word goes beyond having high values – it’s a commitment to following through – following through with what you tell others you will do & following through on what you tell yourself you will do. 

Being committed, honest, reliable, and impeccable with your word will take you far in life, sales, and business. Being a reliable person, someone who is impeccable with their word builds a foundation of trust in you.

And if people can rely on you and trust that what you say will come to pass, you will be the recipient of return customers and referrals because people will know By Your Actions that you will take care of their friends and family too!

It’s imperative to be Impeccable with your word to yourself, as well. For example, If you say you are going to make 3 cold calls a day, as work that will get you to your sales goal, Do It. Do it, because when you do, you are subconsciously building rapport with yourself, meaning you are training your brain to slowly over time, create a personal identity as someone who always follows through.

Additionally, the more you keep commitments with yourself, the more natural and easy it will become to keep future commitments and more challenging commitments.

If you struggle with being impeccable with your word currently and following through on all the things, you tell yourself or others you will do. Consider taking inventory of your life. Are you overcommitting? 

If you’re over committing,  consider taking inventory of your life’s demands and then prioritize all the tasks and things so that you can confidently decline certain events or otherwise, avoiding disappointing others or yourself by not following through on what you will say you will do.

  1. Don’t take anything personally.

Having a strong sense of self and not having to rely on the opinions of others to be content and satisfied with yourself- will become foundational to your success in your sales & business endeavors.

You will be met with critiques, nay-sayers, rude people, trolls, haters, etc…

At times you will meet with prospects are cranky and rude, and when you have a strong sense of self – the more easily those encounters will bounce right off of you, rather than effect you.

Sometimes, someone the cashier at the store doesn’t smile. Maybe his mom died last week, and he’s fighting a real internal battle.

Maybe that DB that cut you off was actually rushing to the hospital to see his baby born, or maybe she is just a woman who is always angry at the world.

In any regard, making the commitment not to take things personally – is understanding the world doesn’t revolve around you, and there are so many factors that play into how someone behaves, and most of them have nothing to do with you.

The only thing you can control is how you choose to react. Do you choose to be happy, empowered, and unaffected, or will you allow yourself to be swayed by the wind of other’s emotions?

The only thing you can control is you.

  1. Don’t make assumptions – have you ever heard the saying, “to assume makes an ass of you and me.” When we assume, it’s because we haven’t asked enough questions and or listened well enough to the answers to have a clear understanding of the needs of our prospect and in a personal realm, we haven’t communicated well enough, with the other person, if we are assuming.

Always seek clarity when possible.

 With that said, never assume that someone will for sure buy or will for sure Not buy. Give a quality pitch or presentation to each and every person.

PEOPLE will surprise you.

Little do you know that super humble-looking guy is loaded and buys $2,500 worth of product, and the dude who looks loaded is boujee and buys nothing.

Never assume your product wouldn’t be the right fit for someone. Maintain your level of professionalism, ask questions, and qualify EVERYONE. Always put your best foot forward or giving your best pitch, you will be surprised at times, who buys and who doesn’t.

And The 4th Agreement to Dissolving Self-Limiting Beliefs is Always Do Your Best. As I last addressed, always put your best foot forward. You never know who will buy and who won’t.

Additionally, you will meet a ton of people in your life, especially if you are actively selling or marketing your business, and you never know when the next connection will open a new door for you!

A new door to advancing your career, meeting the love of your life, or if that person will connect you with all of their friends because they enjoyed doing business with you.

You never really know the possibilities available to you, deriving from the person sitting in front of you. SO ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST.

Don Miguel’s 4 Agreements – The 4 Agreements to Dissolving Limiting Beliefs!

Hope this was helpful! Share it with another mama who may need it! And if you have any additional questions feel free to ask them below!