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The easy way to clean up photos and emails for more free storage on iPhone or Android. Try these FREE simple to use apps!

Girl, as a mama I take close to 500 pictures a day, few of those pictures have me in them and 450 of the 500 are typically duplicates, just slightly different variations of the same picture. RIght?!

And as much as I love each facial expression…my phone can only store so many photos and videos before it doesn’t allow me to take more photos and videos! 😞 So some of these photos have got to go!

In enters a Tinder App for Photos! 😄 Slidebox! <<< This is a link that will take you to download it for either Android or iPhone.

::Video Explaining How to Use It!::


 The next thing you want to clean up to create more storage on your phone is Emails! Emails can take up so much storage!

I have discovered two apps that are wildly easy to use to clean up storage for your iPhone or Android. One is Free and the other has a monthly cost.

::Unroll Me::

Unroll me is completely free and it will UNSUBSCRIBE you from email subscribtions you no longer want to be apart of…

I have an email that is about 15 years old 👵🏼 and over the past 15 years my email preferences have changed! There is no reason for me to be receiving 100 emails a day..So, I downloaded Unroll Me and in the matter of 4 minutes, I had selected which emails, I no longer wanted subscriptions to and unscribed to 80 emails. IN 4 MINUTES!

Now as this app doesn’t clean up storage in your iPhone or Android immediately, it will for the future and it’s free.

A short video about UNROLL.Me

::Clean Email::

Clean Email will not only unsubsribe you from emails but will also delete emails for you. Talk about a super easy way to clean up storage on your iPhone or Android. The only downside is, this one comes with a price. 🤷‍♀️

With that said, I’m always willing to pay for products or services that save me time and help me become better or more efficient and at $7 a month or $30 for the year, you can’t beat it! SO to me, this purchase was worth it. I did however, only paid for one month because I didn’t feel as though I needed the service for more than 1 month.

Clean email is really simple and straightforward to use but if you have any questions though feel free to DM me!

Hope these have been helpful resources for you to clean up storage on your iPhone or Android! If you have additional questions, ask them below!

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