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Date night has become so important and essential in my and my husband’s life since having baby number two! Our work/life load has doubled and we no longer get to snuggle on the couch and watch TV, like we used to. Instead most nights we are working until bed or have other activities that tie up our evenings, not allowing us a whole ton of one on one connection time.

And since I think my husband is super hot and I consider our relationship, one of the most important relationships on the planet. We schedule in Date-Night every week and to keep things fresh and interesting we made… Date Night Jars!

Every single week, we schedule for a date-night. We do our best to get out of the house every other week and do a fun activity. The weeks in between, we plan a date night in the house. Date nights can get pricey so we schedule time to get out of house, just 2-3 times a month and the other weeks we intentionally plan to watch a movie, snuggle or play games.

 The “stay-in date nights” can get tricky, him and I need to be super conscious and intentional about not opening up any work, after the kids go to sleep.

Physically leaving the house seems to make that a bit easier and I am still working on being intentional about not getting in, even a short, 20 minutes of work after the kids go to sleep on our “stay-in” date nights.

To make date-night easier for both of us, more enjoyable and fresh! We created 2 separate date-night jars. One for the “stay-in date night” and another for a “night on the town date night.” The jars are full of activities that we have put in the jar together and we’ve made a rule that any activity that is pulled out, we must do! Even if we are tired of not in the mood.

I find that on the days, I am not in the mood to do something, if I just go and do it, I am more often than not, happy I did!

Note: We pull the idea out of the jar at the beginning of the week, so that we can plan ahead accordingly for date night. Since some things take planning or scheduling ahead of time. For example, this week’s axe throwing activity, we had to schedule a spot a few days in advance

“Stay-In” Jar:


Strip Poker 😉

Slap Jack


Egyptian Rat Screw

-We listed a bunch of movies we want to watch – paired with take-out dinner ideas


-Mario Cart

There’s not a whole bunch of ideas for staying. Mostly hanging in and snuggling but finding a good movie or deciding on a game end of day when we are both tired is challenging. The jars make it so much easier!


“Night On The Town” Jar:

(you may have to google some of these)

Top Golf

K-1 car racing

Miniature golf

Arcade games (I am the reigning air hockey champ!)

Axe Throwing


Double Date (we have 4 of these in the jar) – again we pull this out of the jar and ask another couple, to join us, early in the week.

Paddle Boarding

Comedy Show

Ride bikes downtown

Unique dessert places (ex: rolled Thai ice cream)

Various dinner places + movie tied to it

Google – Local Fun Hotspots (we have a few of these in the jar)


Local Plays

Water Park after dark – (our Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park stays open to 10 – we plan on heading back to play – after the kids go to sleep!)

Paddle Boarding

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These are the things we have in our jar. Research fun things in your area and put them in the jar! This takes so much pressure off of trying to plan something after a long day of kids and work and it spices things up, instead of doing the same ol’ thing every week.

My husband and I both wanna be old and grey still holding hands and grabbing each others butts and I feel strongly that making real quality time for each other, at the top of our priority list will get us there!

Tell me some of your fav date nights! I’m always looking for new fun things! And if you do this too, message me or tag me on Instagram! I wanna seeeee