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No matter how good of a salesperson you or I become sales rejection is inevitable. YES, it will happen less frequently, the more confident you become but it will still occur.

So, Today, I am going to share with you a story that highlights the power of follow up – despite the fear of sales rejection and how handling sales rejection like a professional can help get you the sale and maybe even more than one sale!

The Money is in the Follow-Up

Girl, have you heard the phrase, “The money is in the follow-up?”

Well, I first become an independent sales agent, aka working purely off commission, aka not getting paid unless I made the sale. I would spend hours knocking doors, setting appointments and then about 50% of those appointments would cancel on me…and of those 50% that kept the appointments…only 50% were saying yes…

Talk about Discouraging!! I was experiencing some significant sales rejection!

I mean, even though, I was doing some dang hard work, putting in the time, prospecting 100+ people a day and I would finally get my foot in the door with an appointment scheduled and 50% of the appointments would cancel.

I just assumed they canceled because they didn’t want my service or they didn’t like me and they just wanted me off their doorstep and because of that I wouldn’t dare reach out to the prospect again because obviously the cancel meant No, she wasn’t interested.

This was such a heavy time for me. I loved the freedom and potential income of what I was doing but I could not carry on emotionally or financially if people kept rejecting me.

So, I turned to a mentor for some guidance on how to handle sales rejection and he said to me, “Shanelle, the money is in the follow up.”

So, after our chat, I got up all the courage I could and finally called back one of my leads that had canceled on me.

I was so nervous but I started making calls and would you believe the second prospect I called back, apologized for “no-showing” on me and asked me to come back for a sales meeting.

I ended up closing that sale. A sale that I would have never had gotten, had I not overcome my fears of sales rejection.


Overcoming The Fear of Rejection

Now it’s important to understand that that people are never rejecting YOU, they are rejecting YOUR PRODUCTS.

Now lets dig into this a little deeper. Why are we nervous to follow up or even present our products to prospects to begin with?

We’re afraid people wont’ like us. We’re afraid of what they’ll think of us. If you’re new maybe you won’t know how to answer every question. And above all Getting a is a big blow to our ego.

So, consider taking a shift in perspective and understand this. Each “NO,” gets you closer to the “YES” as well as  that much closer to your goals and dreams.

I remember reciting to myself  – when knocking doors and someone would slam the door on my face, “Some will, some won’t – who cares who’s next!”

…Which leads me to this…

A no answer or a not right not a No.

It takes a brand new consumer, someone who has never met you or seen your product or service ever before in their life – 7 touches before they feel comfortable making a buying decision.

7 exposures, whether through you, your advertisement, a friend, a commercial, a few follow up emails or calls. It takes 7 times of being exposed to your products before the average customer feels ready to make a purchasing decision.

And because you don’t know if you’re the only person exposing them to your products and you have the most excellent product on earth…

Keep those “no answers and not right now” in a healthy follow-up system-

And keep following up until you get an answer – I have been told, THANK YOU – yes THANK YOU – several times over the years for continuing to follow up.

Ya’ll life can get busy and your prospect needs a few and sometimes several reminders that they need to move forward with your product or service. And you are that reminder…

Even though my prospects life is too busy – it is my job to follow up – so I schedule my follow-ups…so I Am Not too busy to follow up and I make that follow up happen.

Again,  A No Answer Is Not A No. A no answer is simply a Not Yet.

It still blows me away when you make that 10th contact via phone or email to the same person and …and it’s the one that gets you the sale. Your client wasn’t ready..until that point and because you kept the relationship…they do business through you..

So, Keep the prospect in a healthy follow up cycle until you get an answer. Of yes or no never call me again.

Follow Up Is Important.

You’re not annoying. You told them you were going to follow up, or they entered their names into your lead generator or they asked you to follow up. It is your job to get in contact with them.

It also shows that you have confidence in your product or service and you know they will love the service too. The prospect will appreciate your persistence. So, don’t stop with the healthy follow-up, unless you hear the phrase, “Don’t ever call me again”

Lastly, it is important to always act like a professional when do experience the Big NO –

Listen in to hear the surprising story (legit super surprised me) of how I turned a big fat “No, I’m going to get services from a different company/ aka your competitor” – into 3 Big Fat referral checks. Such a simple yet important lesson for me and you…. Click the link above 🙂

I hope that this empowered you with some knowledge and tools for your sales caboodle to deal with sales rejection in a positive way, in a manner that yields you long term benefits.

If you enjoy this – share it with your mama side hustle confidants and if you have additional questions, email me!