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Our guest Sophie Caldecott is teaching us all about SEO, copywriting and how to get more free traffic to our websites! 

Sophie has been in copywriting aka “intentional-use-of-words” writing, for over 8 years. Sophie has worked with Marie Forleo and Verily magazine, and if you are familiar with either brand, then you know interviewing Sophie was a privilege. 

Beyond her work credentials, Sophie is an incredibly warm person and mother of 2. During this interview, Sophie graciously shares with us all her tips and tricks for increasing Google visibility and getting more free traffic to your website.


SEO or search engine optimization combined with intentional writing aka “copy” is what gets you free traffic to our website. Instead of paying money for the traffic, you are instead taking time to be intentional about the words you use when you write.

Words or phrases that your niche or perfect customers are looking for. Words that will capture their attention and get them to take action by clicking to your website, purchasing your product, or simply reading to the end of your text.

There is nothing “techy” about “copywriting” instead, it is the act of being intentional when writing – conscious of the words and phrases used when writing.

Listen in as Sophie shares the most effective free search tools. Tools that inform you on what words or phrases are the most searched and which phrases and words you should focus in on using while writing. 


The effective use of copy and SEO frees up time and remove your nose from your phone… Write it once, walk away and watch how free traffic to your website continues to roll in.

Sophie says, SEO provides a “slow steady burn” to your website. SEO does not always provide the most immediate results but rather long term results. Results that keep rolling in for months and months after you’ve posted to the web.

Listen in & get all of her website optimation tips!


Sophie shares her incredible story of waking up at 5 am to get to a local coffee shop to work during the quiet, early morning hours before her husband left for work. She shares a bit about postpartum and how working during naptime ended up being more stressful than productive.

This was such an energizing interview for me! Sophie is a genuine, heart-centered expert and she really does Spill It All with how to get free traffic to your website! Listen In! It was a joy and privilege to have her on the show.


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I hope this episode provided you with some heart centered sales tools for your sales and business caboodle. If it did –

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