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Well, be finally did it! We got rid of Brielle’s “night night” aka her pacifier. She will be 3 in July and although she only it for sleep, we FINALLY felt like it was officially time to say “bye bye” to the “night night!” Jordan and I were both super surprised at how well the transition went. She didn’t even have to cry herself to sleep! To preface, the pacifier served us very well while we used it. She LOVED that thing. Like really truly loved it and it helped us tremendously during long car rides and other travels. We were very nervous and also a little sad to see it go. This is how we did it! We had been talking about getting rid of it, with her, for some time now. So, the idea was fresh in her mind and while my idea was just to cut the tip off the pacifier, so that there was nothing for her to suck on, my husband had a more subtle approach and I think it was a combo of this subtle approach of weaning combined with verbally planting the seed for weeks, that made saying “Bye-Bye” to the “Night-Night” so easy!

Jordan’s subtle approach

Over the course of 2 weeks, Jordan created a subtle slit cut along the bottom of the pacifier, that made it so that the pacifier had intermittent suck and by the end of about two weeks of slowly making the slit along the bottom larger, the pacifier was still intact but there was absolutely no suck to it. So, she was sucking on a pacifier that was just kind of flat in her mouth. Until one morning she came in my room and said, “mama, I get rid of the night-night. I keep my lovie (her little doll she sleeps with too) and get rid of the night-night” So that night we did! We put her pacifier in a package and said we were sending the pacifier to a baby who needs it….because “only babies need night nights” She cried the first night, pretty dramatically at bed time, so after about 5 mins of the crying I went in to snuggle her. For the first time in her toddler life, she fell asleep next to me. I was grateful for the sweet snuggles and the next night she didn’t need any snuggles to sleep.

And that’s how we got rid of the pacifier with my daughter!

Luckily, we are still getting in naps too. Sometimes it takes a little bribery but she’s taken them!!😄   If you have questions on this, drop them down below or email me directly! Sending loads of Love & Best Wishes!! You got this!!