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In today’s episode Anna McMillan is teaching us How To Get Your Baby to Sleep with an Effective Non- Cry It Out Method!

Anna McMillan is Pediatric Sleep Coach (ages newborn to 12 years old) and founder of Little Winks Sleep.

She is also a mama who walks the talk, having taught her 1-year-old how to sleep through the night during the early months of her life, Anna then went on to teach her friend’s how they too could have babies that sleep through the night.

Anna decided to get sleep certified, combining her love for helping others and her love for little ones, Little Winks was born. She is passionate about helping families to teach their babies and toddlers to sleep soundly. Healthy sleeping little ones help families thrive (and us parents to stay sane).

Anna uses a parent-present gentle approach (aka Non- Cry It Out Method) and during today’s episode walks us through her top 5 tips on how to get your baby to sleep through the night.

1. Little ones need to be able to fall asleep on their own to successfully sleep. Although baby loves to be rocked or nursed to sleep, it’s inhibiting them from learning the important skill of falling to sleep on there own and therefore, when they wake up in the middle of the night, instead of rolling over and going back to bed, they will need you to rock or nurse, etc. Empower baby by allowing them to fall asleep on their own.

2. Prevent Overtiredness and the downward spiral. Baby was so happy one minute, and the next, she is having an inconsolable meltdown. If this has happened to you, download Anna’s Free Wake Time’s Chart Here → This powerful resource will aid you in knowing optimal wake times for baby, to prevent the overtired meltdown!!

3. Sleep has a rollover effect for the next 24hours. If we ignore sleep cues and don’t give baby and opportunity to sleep when they need to, this effects subsequent sleep for the next 24 hours, subsequent naps, and betime before more challenging until you can sync them back into their routine.

4. Use routines to provide safety. Babies love routines. Give them the safety and security of knowing what to expect from their days and give yourself the mental peace of knowing what to expect from baby as well. Routine help to provide mental peace and structure for both mommy and baby.

5. Practice naps in new environments. Anna suggests to head to an emotionally safe space for baby to practice sleeping in a new environment i.e. a girlfriend’s house, your in-law’s house when they aren’t home, etc. to teach baby to be more flexible with their sleep spaces. Anna shares how to ease your baby into the new sleep environment by not just laying them down but rather talking to them about the new environment and helping them become adjusted and feel safe. Babies are much more aware than many people may think.

There is so much more to this episode, including how to sleep with baby on the go! (22 Mins) >>Listen in!<<

“We need to respect our children’s physiological need to sleep for their development both physically and neurologically.” – Anna

Sleep is so important for parent’s and the babies alike to learn more about Little Wink Sleep visit: or her Instagram – @littlewinksleep

Now we would love to hear from YOU! What was your biggest “ah-ha” moment or what sleep techniques have been most effective for you? Tell us Below