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Melissa Rodgers, AKA self-made mama, shares her story of how her little work from home business, gave her family the financial freedom to travel the world and live her WAHM dreams.

 Melissa tells how she and her young family took a big leap of faith by leaving the comforts of their Canadian home to fulfill a dream of living in abroad. Their country of choice, for now, is Spain and they arrived at their new Spanish home, a few months ago site unseen, with little Spanish speaking ability. It’s been a fun adventure and leap of faith, for sure! 

Melissa spills her secret to running two profitable businesses, while also running the home. Surprisingly, she tells us, the less caffeine, the better and that Bullet Proof Coffee and meals hearty in healthy fats is her secret sauce to sustained energy. 

My biggest take away from my interview with Melissa is that when you need to deliver results, you will. That Faith, combined with Grit is the recipe for achieving your WAHM dreams. 

If you need to make money and also want to be a stay at home mama with your babes, you gotta plan ahead and execute on those plans! 

Listen in to hear her #1 tip for new side hustlin’ mamas. 

It was such a pleasure interviewing Melissa, I know you’ll enjoy this interview too!


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