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If you’re a small business owner or a woman who is working a commission based job (aka you don’t get paid until product is sold) I hope you like hats 😉because there are 3 Major Hats that every small business owner needs to be wearing, minimum every single week.

The Promoter Hat.

The Creator Hat.

The Numbers Hat.

You see as a small business owner until your team expands, these 3 hats are crucial to your business growth and success.


The Promoter: The promoter is the marketer. The person who strategically plans and puts into action the means in which you are going to get your product and message out into the world. They are the “hype woman.”  There are several marketing strategies for marketing but one simple strategies you can start with right away and it literally the foundation for your growth is go out and make 3 new friends Every Day. Whether online or in person or both. Make 3 New Friends a Day.

Don’t push your product, simply start a genuine conversation with 3 new people. Each and Every Day. If they inquire about you and what you do Great but if not – just be friendly. I know you are a NICE person – now if you can learn to be an outwardly nice person (aka friendly person) and engage strangers with simple conversations. Giving a genuine compliment or finding common ground that you share, to spark a short intimate conversation. This most often then not will get people interested in you, maybe not Every person, but you’ll be surprised how many people are in turn interested in you.

If you’re intimidated by this action step- consider reading or listening to a book called, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It’s a classic and great place to start when it comes to pushing outside of your comfort zone to connect with people in a real authentic way.

If you can teach yourself to do this you allow your prospects (potential customers) see that you don’t just view them as number or another customer but a real human, with trials, fears and joys and all the other emotions and roller coasters that come with the human experience.

AND once you see them and connect with them on a human level only then can you SERVE them or Sell them with the products or services you offer – and although connecting with them on a human level  can get deep deep – Try and keep it light hearted and fun! Your prospect ultimately wants to be convinced that your product or service will bring them more joy and happiness in one way or another!


Creator Hat: Whether is it physical product creation or content for social media & blog creation or both – you need to be taking time every day for the Meat of your business – the actual value you, your business provides to the world.

Here are a couple examples of what I mean.

If you are the one in charge of your social media or blog. It’s imperative that you take time to think through your captions or content. What is your intention behind that writing? It is to Entertain – Move Your Prospect to Action- Educate or  Inspire. Sit and think about WHY you are writing what you write before you write it.

::Network Marketers:: don’t make your posts or your stories a constant commercial of products. People pay to have commercials removed from services like Hulu. They don’t go on social media to see a commercial–we go on social media to be entertained, educated or inspired. How can you as a brand provide that to your audience with one of those things, without outwardly pushing product.

Another thing to consider, as a business owner wearing the Creator hat is what is trending in popular culture – like did the Duchess just give birth? – How can I share my product in a unique creative way that also highlights this trending event and that could potentially get my creative approach to this event- shared within this current trend and in turn gain my business visibility…!


Financial Hat: This is the prudent and more serious hat.

How much money are you investing in advertising & in your website? How much time are you spending in certain aspects of your business and is that time being spent wisely?

What is the intent behind each action and what is the return on your time investment? If you are making financial investments for marketing, what is the return on each financial investment?

Are you wasting time and money or are you using your time and money wisely?

This hat needs to be worn no less than 3 times a week – to keep you working at optimal performance. As well as help you identify where to stop wasting time – allowing you to “fail faster.”

If you don’t take inventory Regularly of what is working and what is not, you and your business cannot learn and grow.

Each Hat is of Equal important – and should be worn at least once a day and at the very least 3 times each a week. (depending on your busy mom schedule)

I hope this was helpful. If you have more questions feel free to email me directly or drop them down below!

With loads of love and gratitude!