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June Favorites!!

It’s July! One of the busiest months out the year for us but also one of my favorites! It marks the beginning of the second half of the year, which is full of birthdays, our anniversary, my birthday and then the holidays!

Are you gathering ideas for Halloween already, like me?! Ha! Halloween is so fun with young kids. I get to dress them up in cute costumes, and they’re young enough to go with the flow with any family theme I pick out! Making Halloween more fun. As October approaches, I’ll share some of our past themes!

Now for the Top 5 Most commented on products from June

  1. WYZE Cameras


These cameras are A QUARTER OF THE PRICE of other cameras that offer the same features (mind blown); with the pan and tilt feature, 2-way voice and the ability to view the cameras from anywhere in the world, as long as I have an internet connection, is my absolute favorite feature.

We have a traditional baby monitor, which we liked but leaving home without the kids, for date night always left me feeling anxious. I wanted to know if the kids were awake, or sleeping, how they were sleeping, were they breathing, etc. All the neurotic mom thoughts.

When one night, Jordan and I were out to dinner with friends, and they said, “watch this!” Our friend pulled out this phone and showed us the live view of their living room where we could see their two young boys and the babysitter playing video games. Then from his phone, started chatting with their kids through the camera app.

When they told us the cameras were only $30 each, we bought them that very night! Our nest cameras cost over $100 and don’t offer two-way voice.

The Wyze cameras offer phenomenal quality for a phenomenal price, and you guys seem to love them too!

I will admit I got a little red in the face when a follower responded to this screenshot with, “my 11 year old just started cooking. This will be great for him!” lol A part of me cried a bit inside, but with young babes, sometimes my water boils over!! 😀 So this is the best way to prevent that bubble over from destroying my stovetop, and it’s uber cheap!

Some like 98% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. Okay, that’s not true, the real statistic is roughly 50% according to (attach link) and apparently being Magnesium Deficient means that we can’t metabolize VitaminD and Vitamin D is a natural happiness vitamin! As a work at home mama, I need all the natural happy and energy goodness I can get! (wink face)

Plus the gummies are delicious and aid in digestion.

The biggest reason I take them, is because they relax me like a glass of wine without the calories or any other negative side effects.

So these gummies taste delicious, they’re super good for us, and they relax me to sleep like wine. Done Done Done. Consider me on auto-delivery with these guys!


4. Fly Swatter


I got the most laughs out of the little video showcasing this product and also the most comments of “I Need This!”

My mother in law purchased this for us some 5 years ago, and along with my #birkencrocs, this is among the most used item in our home, considering my daughter is always in and out of the house and rarely closes the door behind her all the way! I have flies galore in my house on the regular!


5. Luna Cup



Oooooo! You heard my story about my adventures with this while traveling in a 3rd world country and as that was not one of my most favorite memories. This is one of my favorite products. Be sure to be conscious when you purchase, what size you buy. If you’ve given birth before you may need the larger cup. These babies are great year-round, but especially in the summer, when I spend so much time in and out of the pool, I don’t have to worry about changing out a tampon because this lasts 12 hours, comfortably.

There is a bit of a learning curve with it but once you learn how to get the suction right 😀 It will save you loads of money, reduce your carbon footprint and be the best tool during your dreaded monthly since Chocolate!!

Sharing my favorite products with you ladies is my absolute favorite! I also love being your product testor and reviewer. It’s SO FuN! haha 

If there is ever a product you are in search of or want me to be your guinea pig for, I am happy to be. Just reach out to me!

And Keep Your Eyes Peeled – More Product Reviews to come!!