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Miracle Morning is a book written by Hal Elrod. A book that has completely shifted my, work at home mom life, in the most positive way.

As a work at home mom, Miracle Mornings has allowed me to see how many hours are truly in the day and have given me the tools get in the necessary quality self-care to continue to be a happy, energized woman.

…What I have come to realize is, as a business owner, I am my number one asset. My business sinks or swims based on my personal efforts. And if I don’t have the necessary energy to perform or I haven’t taken time to take care of my mind, I can not perform well at home, as a mama and wife, nor can my business be tended to in the necessary way it needs to be, in order for it to survive and thrive.

I am my number one asset in business and life and Miracle Mornings has been the necessary protocol for me, to help me see how I can best take care of me, every day!

I am on day 223 of my 365 Miracle Morning Goal.

In the book, Hal implores the reader to implement an acronym, he created, called SAVERS.

S- Silence (meditation)

A- Affirmations

V- Visualization

E- Exercise

R- Reading

S- Scribing (journaling)

I set out with a goal first to wake up before the kids and do my Miracle Mornings before my kids woke up, for 30 days. After I hit the 30-day mark, I then set a goal to reach 365 days.

My Miracle Mornings have shifted and evolved over the last 223 days.

When I first started, my daughter was 2 and sleeping fully through the night, but my son was a new, 3-month-old and was still waking up multiple times in the night.

The thought of me waking up before them and not getting in as much sleep as possible my seem like Crazy Town but Miracle Mornings were so necessary during this time in my life because at the time, I discovered the book, my husband and I were in a crazy work/life position and if I didn’t wake up an hour before the kids average rise time, to get in self-care, I would not be getting it in at all. (you can read more about THIS in “Why I started an Internet-Based Brand”)

It wasn’t until my son was around 6 months that he started sleeping through the night. It was this beautiful golden period where both my kids were sleeping through the night and weren’t waking up until around 7am. Therefore, I could wake up around 5:30 and slowly take my time, enjoying every moment of my SAVERS routine.

Around day 175, my daughter started waking up at 5/5:30am! Ugh!! And it has been so challenging to wake up consistently before 5. So at this point, day 223 of my Miracle Mornings. I wake up and sometimes read and meditate with her and then go exercise.

Other days I get out of the house, as quickly as possible and read, journal and meditate in my car after I run the streets or head to the gym and let my husband take care of her, while I take care of me.😊

The most important thing for me and my mornings “SAVER” routine is that I do them with love and with the intention to get in positive self-care. I am not strict with this routine. I try and be as flexible as possible, while still hitting every SAVER, since implementing every aspect has been truly energizing, inspiring, and sanity-saving for me!

I highly recommend the book and the morning ritual.

You can follow my journey on Instagram. I share about my Miracle Mornings, in my stories.

I have grown so much as a person over the last 223 days, it will be interesting to see where I am in the next 142 days.😄

Have you read Miracle Mornings?? Do you wake up before your kids??

Even just waking up a short 15 mins before the kids, can be ridiculously energizing and sanity-saving!!

Let me know if you have any questions on the routine!


Sending you my love and gratitude!