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Overcome Sales Objections BEFORE They Occur

Isn’t in the worst when you work up the courage to reach out to a prospect or maybe even a company that you want to rep your products, you sit down with them to share all the benefits and why your product is awesome, when you’re immediately met with skepticism, questions you don’t have answers too and a feeling of defeat. I’m here to tell ya that you never have to have that happen again.

I will teach you how to overcome objections before they even occur!


Girl, whether you are new to your industry or have been in your sales position for awhile, if you have any concerns or reservations about your product or service you gotta get real clear as to why you feel that way and get those concerns resolved ASAP. You, as the heart centered sales woman, must be 110% sold on your product before you can ever begin selling anyone else. Get every question answered, every worry resolved before you ever begin to present to others.

I know from personal experience and through training, my previous sales teams, that if there is even an ounce of personal uncertainty about your products or services, your prospect will pick up on your personal concerns immediately. It’s seriously Crazy how often your very concerns begin to surface as your prospects concerns.

We humans are energy detectors!Like literally we are spiritual being having a human experience and we can feel when something is off. I’m sure you yourself have had those experiences. So, be sure if you feel uncertain or unclear about something that you get it resolved before you even think to share your product with others.

Overcome your own objections before ever presenting your product/services to others.

Ask mentors in your field or use your online best friend Google, whatever you gotta do to get the necessary answers to your questions in order for you to feel 110% confident in your products and services.

Now that you have overcome your objections and feel 110% confident in your products..

Lets talk about how to overcome 99% of your prospects concerns or objections before they can even tell you that they have them.

That’s right – solve her concerns and prevent objections before they ever surfaces.

For years I have been in the practice of creating a sales pitch that addresses every possible concern of the prospect. I create a sales pitch that overcomes every possible objection before it occurs. I then present every one of those objections/concerns in the form of a solution.

For example a common objection while I was selling solar was “What if I need roof repairs” so I would interweave within my sales pitch that…. “The nice thing about solar panels is they help to preserve your home’s roof because they protect it from mother nature.” ….I from there move into the warranty surrounding the panels. …because if the panels are protecting the roof from mother nature..who’s protecting the panels from mother nature, right? So I reassure the prospect of the life of the panels by telling them about the warranty that comes with the panels.

Then again in my presentation during my close, I would address the potential objection about their roof again, “ now what most people do is, get the process started because you can cancel at anytime, at no charge,before the panels are installed and what this will allow us to do is schedule a time for someone to come out and physically inspect your roof to make sure it’s structurally sound.”

I address a common objection and the solution to it twice during my sales presentation.

I have created a ::free printable:: to help you with this process of overcoming before they occur during your sales presentation.

Now, please don’t ever get offended or discouraged when a prospect has a concern or objection about your product. What an objection simply means is that not all of her questions were answered. So take the time to clearly and confidently answer those questions – your responses to her concerns are really important – it’s an indication of your confidence and character. Are you patient and work through the concerns to be sure she is comfortable and confident with the purchase or are you short, insecure and insensitive?

Every person you interact has the potential to positively influence your reputation or negatively influence it. It’s really important you take the time to confidently nurture the customer. Even if you don’t have an answer right then, the response of “that’s a great question, let me get the answer to that” is an excellent and professional response. So use it if you need and get the necessary answers to your prospect as quickly as you can.


Okay, now that we’ve got that all covered lets talk about The Big Price Elephant in the room. One of the most common objections is price, when it comes to the purchase of products and while this objection you can not directlyaddress in your sales pitch – your entire sales pitch – combined with your confidence is what is going to overcome the “price is too high” objection before it ever occurs.

You see over the past decade I have had good sales days when I’m energetic and happy and seem to be a money magnet and I’ve also had days when I’m forced to be out there selling while sleep deprived and feeling super anxious.

And It’s CRAZY how less often the “price objection” occurs when I am energetic and feeling on top of my game and how more often it occurs when I am tired and anxious and how even when I offer a major discount because my energy is off, even the biggest discount doesn’t get me the sale.

The only way to overcome the price objection before it occurs is by always putting your “best foot forward” during a sale by being in a good place energetically and mentally.

Overcome the price objection by confidently sharing all the benefits of your product and the guarantees that surround your purchase as well, so they feel confident and safe in their investment. So they feel confident and safe with you as you as their sales representative.

Your sales pitch is there to highlight how your products solves your prospects problems – how it makes her life better and your pitch is meant to overcome 99% of her objections before they even occurand if you clearly showcase how your product solves their problems and the guarantee surrounding it, you will be surprised and happy to see how less often the price objection occurs.

Again, if you would like a little more guidance on how to overcome objections in the form of solutions within your sales pitch, get your ::free printable::

I hope this was helpful mother hustler JIf you have additional questions, I have answers! Comment below or email me directly at