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I had the pleasure of interviewing Melanie Fountain. Melaine is a blog and pinterest manager –  helping small business owners and blogs create strategies for effectively growing brand awareness by using Pinterest.

Melanie is also a single mama – so in this episode we dig into life as a single mompreneur, what that looks like for her, how she manages it all. Then she gives some actionable tips and strategies for marketing on pinterest, a platform that is not just for recipes and DIY but is also geared towards information products and education.

Pinterest has more than 250 million viewers a month and is definintly a platform you wanna be on and this is definitly an episode you wanna listen to all the way through!  

Melanie discusses life as a single mom and the importance of relying on her community. “It takes a village” When she needs a mental health day or needs to get more work done she asks family and friends for help and they are more than happy to help!

She is a firm believer that life is an adventure and that we need to sieze the day and that was she is doing day in and day out with him work/life hustle!

Pinterest is a discovery engine

You know how when you search google and click images – nearly every single one of those images is from Pinterest. When I consciously took time to acknowledge this, my mind was blown!

Pinterest is a visual google search and one of the most important places we should be as a small business owner, blog, etc.

The greatest thing about Pinterest is that not only does it generate the exact content that you are searching for when you search in Pinterest but it also generates Relevant – Associated content. Suggestions that will pair well with your search. BOOM!! There is so much value in that as a small business owner or blog!

Get Started on Pinterest as a Small Business Owner or Blog

The first thing you want to do is when started a Pinterest account is sign up for the business account. This will give you “metrics” informing you on how your pins are doing &  how they are being engaged with – if they’re being repined, etc.

You then when to verify your account and when you do this, each pin will have your business branding on it.

Having a Pinterest business account also enables you to sell your products, services and affiliate links seamlessly! Add the link and with one click on the Pinterest platform that user is able to purchase your products.


Melanie and I both recommend Tailwind! It is legit the best platform for scheduling posts. Tailwind has a direct affliations  with Pinterest and Instagram, so you’re getting the highest quality service for your Blog and Small Business needs for the low price of only $10 a month, per account.

Tailwind also has incredible smart features that aid you in identifying the best time to post or pin for your demographic.

Get a Free Trial Period and fall in love with it yourself!

Melanie’s #1 Tip for Small Business and Blogs on Pinterest.

Use Pinterest Smart Search.

SEO on Pinterest is crucial for visibility. Even the smallest blogs and business can be viewed through Pinterst if they use the right words. Words, phrases and topics that people are already searching for!

Meet Melanie:
“10 Ways to Boost Your Blog Free Gift” 


There ya have it! Listen to episode to get more in depth details on all the topics.
If you have any other questions – please reach out!

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