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I had a memory pop up of our trip to Kuaui, last year and since owning a home rental in Kuaui is one of my Top 2 real estate goals in life. I figured I would share with you why!!

Here are some of the photos that popped up in my feed.

Don’t the pictures alone, speak for themselves?! Kuaui is magical. It is green and lush. In fact, after a long day of flying and then driving to the Airbnb we rented, my daughter said, “bye bye trees. Bye Bye” She was so over traveling and did not want to see another tree!

But once we got to the beach and took her to have the most delicious shaved ice on the planet (and I am not a shaved ice fan) her whole demeanor shifted and she was as thrilled as us to be there.

We stayed in Poipu and Poipu Beach Park has to be hands down the most kid friendly beach, I have ever been to. There is a small cove that has been nicknamed the kiddie pool. The cove is blocked off by black lava rocks to prevent tides from coming in and the water is shallow enough for a 1.5 year child to sit in. We spent nearly every day of our 10 day vacation hanging in the kiddie pool.

There was so much to see in that one little park that we didn’t need to venture out much, especially considering I was 8 months pregnant and we had a 1.5 year old!

Just a short walk from the kiddie area there is incredible offshore (aka FREE) snorkeling. That is also where I had a face to face encounter with a rare monk seal. This guy was amazing, majestic and legit had an aura of kindness emanating from him. One of the coolest experiences of my swimming adventures!

Plus! We got the best local tip, which lead to the best pictures of my belly and the fishes.

::Whenever you go snorkeling bring a bag of frozen peas with you, the fish will swarm!::

The first day out, we forgot our bag of frozen peas and tried using broken up pretzels instead. Bad idea. The pretzels became soggy quickly and mucked up all the water around us. Frozen peas worked way better!

At Poipu Beach Park several turtles came to sunbathe, near us, on the beach as well.

NEED I SAY MORE?! Don’t you want a summer condo there now too?

But there IS more…

While there, we ate shaved ice. Every. Day. . The snow cone shack, we loved, is called Loco Coco or Waikomo Shaved Ice. It’s tiny little shack located right outside of a local grocery store. It. Is. Amazing. So amazing that we actually exchanged emails with the owner for several months, discussing details of opening a franchise out here in Arizona!

The shaved ice is topped fresh all natural fruit syrups, no artificial colors or sweeteners and you can totally taste the difference! It’s then topped with fresh fruit, coconut cream and local honey. Literally, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. So. Dang. Good.

Aside from pool time at the Airbnb we rented, swimming with the fishes and eating all the shaved Ice. Jordan and I took a Napli Coast Sunset tour that I may or may not had been seasick for 85% of the time, but the views were totally worth it…and if you’re not preggo and don’t get seasick. I totally totally recommend it. The view and the food (for as long as I could keep it down) were AMAZING!

While in the south end of Kauai, it is mandatory to visit “The Grand Canyon of Hawaii” – Waimea Canyon! Bring cash, as the park is free but the fresh fruit stand near parking, is super delicious! Additionally, if you go early enough, you can head up to the tip top of the mountain and get even more spectacular views.

And lastly, along the lines of spectacular views, we had to get in some hiking while in Kuaui. We hiked a trail called Sleeping Giant. My daughter rode shotgun, in a carrier on my husband’s back as we journeyed up a steep hill through a really incredible sea of trees. Stopping to see incredible ocean views along the way and ultimately ending at the top of the mountain to eat our lunch. A year later, now that my daughter is nearly 3, I don’t think she could make that hike on foot but if your kids are a little older, it may be something to look into. 

Oh! And not pictured but what can be seen EVERYWHERE. Chickens and Roosters. Chickens and Roosters are as frequent and regular as pigeons in Arizona. They’re everywhere! 😀

If you have any questions about South Kuaui and Popiu, comment below and I will answer them if I can!

It is The Most Family Friendly Area you could visit and I will own a condo there one day!! I love it that much! 😀