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Today I wanna share a part of my mornings that is near and dear to my heart. Prayer Journaling. Also referred to as a stream of consciousness.

It helps me to release of any heavy emotions, I may be feeling, like stress & anxiety and leaves me with a heart full of gratitude.
I started this practice when I was 6 months pregnant with my son and feeling nervous for the arrival of baby #2. It’s been such a powerful practice for me..I haven’t stopped doing it.

My practice looks like this:

I set a timer for 10 minutes, to be sure I stick to journaling, even if I feel stupid. I journal for a solid 10 minutes and at times end up writing past the 10 minutes….
I start by writing about what I am feeling that morning…If I am frustrated or uneasy…or anxious..or feeling the blues…or even just happy and grateful…I start with what I am feeling and just write…writing down all my current worries, heartaches, or joys…writing it ALL OUT…not worrying about punctuations or grammar…bc I’m writing to God. God gets me (and You) 100%, so grammar is not even a thing.

I write and write and write for a minimum 10 minutes and then write until I start to feel more at ease. Then end by shifting my writing into gratitude..

Writing gratitude for my goals that are not yet achieved but that I have faith will be and gratitude for all the “things” that are currently in my life. Healthy babies, hot water, eyesight, a roof over my head, a truck that serves me well…all the things that we sometimes we take for granted.

…I start with all the heavy emotions I am feeling… moving through whatever I am feeling as I write…the good, the bad, the ugly and end my writing in gratitude…

If the fear of someone reading your writing surfaces just know that you can tear those pages out of your notebook and throw them away or BURN THEM if necessary! ?

This can be a powerfully therapeutic exercise, if you allow it to be. It has helped me, on many occassions, to shift from a place of complete mental overwhelm to space of peace, calm and joy.