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Top 3 Tips for Reducing Toxins in Your Home

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Jenny Diehl is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Practitioner of Natural Healing Techniques. Jenny is proud to be a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board with whom she received the prestigious “Higher Achiever” award in 2018.

Jenny is also the Founder of Cura.Te, a company that produces and sells the highest quality Certified Organic products for home, body, bath, and oral care.

In today’s episode, Jenny shares her story of what led her to start her organic raw ingredient company and her Top 3 Tips for reducing toxins in your home.

Alzheimers Too Young

Jenny’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the young age of 54 and passed five years after diagnosis. Jenny calls this time in her life a “grief sandwich” because, during her mother’s diagnosis, she finally delivered her much-anticipated rainbow baby girl, Avery, and right after her mother’s passing gave birth to her son Graham.

Her mother’s passing at such a young age left Jenny feeling unsettled and determined not to have the same fate. She began studying endlessly to understand the source or cause of Alzheimer’s.

Massive Pain Led to Massive Action

What Jenny uncovered during her research is that the average American is using and consuming hundreds of unnecessary toxins every day. From our water to our food storage containers, our deodorants, and mouth care. Jenny determined not to have the same fate of her mother, and for her children to have much better health than she experienced growing up, Jenny removed every toxin in her home, in just a day or two.

Discovering toxins in her soaps and shampoo, cooking pans, and home cleaners, she got rid of it all!!

Her husband came home from work, puzzled at how he would shower, cook food, or clean the home. Jenny resolved that they would figure it out!

A Business Was Born

After searching the market and not finding the type of quality home, body, bath, and oral care she knew was right for her family, she created her own. Working diligently through trial and error, sometimes through 10 or more formulas to produce the highest quality and most effective, toxin-free products for home and body. At first, the products were to fill the needs of her family, but then it became a movement to remove the unnecessary toxins from homes across the globe.

Jenny has taken it back to the basics with her home & body product lines. Right-back to how grandma made soap with a simple Lye formula, creating Effective, Organic, Toxin-Free Products.

Reducing Toxins in Your Home

Reducing or Removing Toxins in your home doesn’t have to be challenging or complicated; in fact, slowing reducing toxins will make a dramatic shift in your home’s health, over time!

Jenny shares with us her Top 3 Tips for Reducing Toxins in your Home.

1. Eliminate Toxic Soaps and Be Aware of “Greenwashing” – Check the ingredient’s on all the labels, just because it says it is “plant-based” or “eco-friendly” it doesn’t mean it is! Marketing can be sly like that. Always Check Labels. One of the most accessible, most cost-efficient, and effective ways to reduce toxins in your cleaning supplies is to switch to cleaning with distilled white vinegar and lemons.

2. Kill wifi at night and reduce exposure to “blue light” – At this time in our lives, exposure to blue light from screens is inevitable. Jenny shares with us her favorite blue-blocking glasses.

3. Reduce toxins in your home by using Filtered Water – Not all water is created equal much of our tap water is laden with chlorine and unnecessary fluoride. Jenny suggests a few different water filters, and there are even shower head filters to reduce the unnecessary toxins in our water and homes

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