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“Why did you start a Blog & Instagram?”

I get asked this question frequently and my simple answer is Miracle Mornings….

In September of 2018, actually the day after my 30th birthday, my husband left to work out of state. He would then be gone 5 days out of the week and home for 2 days, for 5 months!

Meanwhile, I had a fresh 2 month old, a newly turned 2 year old. Both our families’ live over 800 miles away, and I was left to tend this new season, of our life, with two kiddos. Alone. 90% of the week.

I had also been in charge of running the marketing for our Facebook lead generation campaigns. Leads that my husband would then call and set an appointment to meet with and sell during his time selling out of state.

Leads that were the lifeline of this commission based endeavor. Or in other words, if we didn’t generate leads, my husband had no one to sell, and if he didn’t sell anyone, we were not making any money during his time away. #SoMuchPressure

On top of that, just before my husband left, we had finally closed on a stinky two story house, that we had to “flip” quickly because we pulled a hard money loan out, to get it.

So, here I am fresh to the “mama of two” world. Finding time to manage a marketing campaign, all while being a project manager for a house flip, with a baby on my boob and a toddler at my feet.

IT WAS THE CRAZIEST TIME OF MY LIFE, and I for sure had meltdowns! I was sleep deprived, hormonal, and overworked.

Luckily, my husband was able to pick up learning the Facebook campaigns, so that ended up easing my burden during his 5 month time away, but the two major things that saved my sanity were A. Being really engaged in my community and B. Miracle Mornings.

Miracle mornings were so foundational for my mental health – that I NEEDED to share this legit, MIRACLE, with other mamas to help empower and inspire them.

This internet brand started out as just a little IG to connect with mamas and share my experience.

From there, like many women on Instagram, I started getting hit up by lots of women in Network Marketing doing their absolute best to hustle with heart but were coming off a little sleazy. At which time, I realized, there was some more value I could add to work at home mamas lives.

With over 10 years of commission sales work, under my belt and some time spent in effective internet lead generation. I realized I could teach women how to sell more effectively and how to do it in a heart-centered way. My network responded really well to that shift in my message. So, as I continue to share all things work at home mom life and my Miracle Mornings, I have added in Sales Tips for Women and have created online courses.

It’s been such a fun and rewarding experience. Empowering women with tools for maintaining mental health, while they balance “It All” as well as sharing proven sales tips & lead generation strategies to be able to make real income for their homes and family.

It’s been really cool so far and will be fun to see how it evolves over time. ☺

Have any additional questions for me?! Drop them below!


With love and gratitude