The Empowered Work at Home Mama Manifesto

How to experience more joy & success in raising babies and running side hustle


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This book is for the woman who is doing it ALL. Who wants to feel more joy, while doing it. As well as see more real tangible results in her business.

This book will give you tools to more effectively manage both motherhood and business in a way that really allows for personal satisfaction and business success while still being the mommy & homemaker you desire to be.

It will guide you through managing the emotional struggles of babies and business, and bring you into a space of experiencing success and joy in doing both. It will also guide you to go beyond the day-to-day survival mode and move into a thriving position in both motherhood and business alike, even during the more challenging times.

Because “Who Runs the world?! GIRLS. GIRLS.” – Beyonce

You are a busy woman, so welcome to the shortest “How-To Book” you’ll ever read!
A simple, straight forward guide to feeling more joy and having more success in your business or side hustle, while raising your young humans!


Click Here to Buy Now $8.99 on Kindle

Babies Business Boss


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