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The I Lesson Learned When Buying “Mom Jeans”…

So, it took me a little bit of time to get on the whole high waist “mom jean” train. I mean, I thought that I loved my hip huggers..?‍♀️but now that I have boarded the train? they are my favorite style. Simply because I bend over way toooo much to be in hip huggers!! ? .

Anyway HERE is Where The Lesson Comes In: When we were in Vegas, during date night, I came across a Levis store and wanted to try on a pair of pants that I had been eyeing for weeks, online. But they didn’t have them in stock? The salesman then said he could find them online and offered me free shipping anywhere in the US, with free returns and if I went through him, he would give me 20% off!…Cool! Sounds like a fair deal and good plan..! .

20% though…couldn’t hurt to ask “Is that the best you can do?” I mean I know we are in a retail store but…is that the best you can do⁉️”

I had a customer who said that she always asks, “Is that the best you can do” before making her final purchase. ALWAYS. .

So I did…and the kid said, “Um, actually I could give you 40% off” So, these $100 pair of jeans, were then discounted to $60 and Best of All They FIT!! They’re my new fav jeans..!

Lesson here: Have Fun, Be Assertive and even in “higher end” retailers, You CAN Ask “Is that the best you can do?” because now I got an outfit for $100 instead of Just a pair of jeans! ?? .

Also, my husband makes fun of me because I have 3 pairs of jeans, that I circulate, all with tears in the knees….??‍♀️I like the style! ? .

Are you in the practice of negotiating…❓ How about a fav pair of jeans that just fit so good, you can’t give up? Where did you get them❓