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The Top 7 Emotional & Psychological Reasons WHY People Buy

Every purchase is made with emotion, and then we back it up with logic to justify the purchase made.
When you understand the psychology behind why people buy, you will be able to ask more effective qualifying questions, listen better to the answers, and more effectively present your products in an impactful and influential way.

In no particular order, the top 7 – major purchase motivators.

1. Freedom – above all else, this prospect values freedom.

Does your product give Ms. Prospect more time freedom to play with her kids? Freedom from worry that her kids are okay and home safe from school. Freedom from the stresses of paying her bills on time every month.

Effectively conveying to her with personal and customer testimonials, facts and stats that by making this purchase, yes, she will be out some money (which money can also represent freedom) but ultimately she will gain more life improvement or Freedom in substantially other ways.

2. Security – The need for security, whether mental, physical, spiritual, or financial.

She needs to feel secure knowing that Your purchase is going to give her more peace of mind.

You know those little owlet-infant socks that monitor your babies oxygen and heart rate levels — a great example of mental and physical security.

Anytime you can showcase to your client how your product or service can make her safer or more secure; you can create a buying desire.

Sometimes this is using a fear-based approach or presentation– letting your prospect know what he could lose, in the form of security, if he doesn’t move forward with the purchase.

If you can effectively, ethically and compassionately identify the pain point, it becomes easier to help her visualize what life could be like if she doesn’t make this purchase.

Step into your prospects shoes – with your qualifying questions identify how she feels and professionally connect with her and provide her with solutions.

3. Social credibility– Everyone wants to be loved, liked, and accepted. If your product can help your prospect gain more love, likability, or acceptance, you will create a buying desire.

For others, prestige is social credibility.

How will your product make your customer more valuable or important, in their social circle?

By buying your product, will they become the funhouse on the block, that all their kid’s friends want to come hang out at. Will purchasing this product make them look better and improved or help them to avoid social pains in some way?

THINK How Can Your Product Help Others Avoid Social PAINs AND GAIN Significant PLEASURE

One of our deepest human desires it to feel important, valued, and worthwhile both to ourselves and in the eyes of other people.

When you showcase your product in a way that offers to enhance the status, respect, likeability, lovability and/or prestige of your prospect, you can touch on this deep human need and trigger a buying desire.

And when you do, the price will be of no option because when your product can fill a basic human desire in a truly effective way, the price of the product or service becomes irrelevant.

4. Health, Fitness & Beauty – Health and Fitness alone is a 32 billion dollar industry, and beauty is a $532 billion industry because everyone wants to live a long time, enjoy good health and look good while they do it.

Health for our families is really important as well.

Economists estimate that the health and fitness and the beauty industry will be the next trillion-dollar industries. If your product can enhance the physical quality of life for your prospect – give her more energy, fewer aches, and pains or make her feel more attractive– again Avoid Pain emotionally or physically and Gain Pleasure – then she will be extremely interested in your products and services.

5. Love, Companionship & Community – The dating industry alone, aka dating apps and websites, products, and services is a 2.5 billion dollar industry.

Humans crave companionship and good relationships. We want to love and be loved.

How can your product improve or create positive interpersonal relationships? Whether with a partner, spouse, friendships, or within parent/child relationships?

Identifying and showcasing this will create a buying desire.

You’ve heard of the brand Tone It Up? If not, you can find the products in Target or on Search the brand on Instagram.

It is a multimillion-dollar brand and one of the biggest selling features aside from the health and fitness aspect is that when you sign up for Tone It Up, you are immediately entered into a community of like-minded women, working towards the same things you are.

When you join Tone It Up – you become a tone it up girl and get linked in with not only the online Tone it Up Community but also local Tone It Up tribes.

Humans are programmed to want to be apart of a tribe or a community, a cause bigger than ourselves, and if your product can provide that – Showcase That.

If your product can improve or create positive personal relationships. Showcase it.

6. If your product is transformational – showcase that and provide testimonials.

Can your product enhance your prospects knowledge?
Will it allow them to excel and move ahead of their competition?
Will your product bring your client to new business or sales heights?
Will your product help your prospect reach their fullest personal or business potential?

Becoming more or better or having more or better results is an intense motivator for making a buying decision.

Think plastic surgery – people will pay thousands of dollars to completely transform their physical structure – if your product can completely transform their life physically, financially, or spiritually.

Showcase that because this will move your prospect to purchase.

7. Lastly, FOMO. – What will they lose if they don’t buy with you?

This is equally as important to highlight as the benefits that serve your prospect and solve her problems.

Connecting and providing solutions is powerful, builds relationships, and promotes referrals..

But if there is a limited-time sale or something of that nature, you gotta let your prospect know because scarcity sales.

Did you know that Girl Scout Cookies, from February to April each year, sell about 200 million boxes of cookies, which equates to roughly 800 million dollars in revenue based off of 2017 records

And to put this in perspective… Oreo, who sells their cookies all year long sold nearly $675 million in Oreo sales in 2017…

Girl Scout sells around 15-20% more cookies than the nations most popular cookie Oreos…in the span of 3 MONTHS.

And why is this??? because Scarcity sells..…or in other words FOMO. When applicable, the prospect needs to know if they don’t move now, they will miss out.

Scarcity is Powerful – Limited Time Offers. Special Offers, Sales Etc.

OKAY! There you have it!

The Top 7 Emotional & Psychological Reasons WHY People Buy

Are you excited because your product hits on many of these deep human desires?

You Should Be!!

Economists talk about something called Units of Satisfaction that states that different actions give people different degrees of satisfaction and each prospect wants to get AS MANY Units of satisfaction as possible when they’re making a purchasing decision. Therefore your prospect must feel very confident that your product is worth EVERY Penny of her purchase.

So, if your product touches on one or more than one of these purchase motivators, you’re definitely on the right track and have a terrific product. So Get Out There & SELL!!

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