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 Brielle turned 3 last week! She had been talking about her birthday for weeks, preceding her birthday, so I knew that this year we had to throw her a party. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she responded, “Colors & Cupcakes”…so I decided to go with a rainbow/unicorn theme. 🤷‍♀️😄🦄

We invited 6 of her friends and held the event at our church building. We decorated the auditorium and set up 4 “game” stations. I was surprised to see how well the 3 year olds engaged with each one of the games and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun. 

And most of all Brielle had a ton of fun – the 3 things she talked most about the day after her party were the “candy cake,” “the punch game,” and “running around with friends.”

I’m all about experiences over presents – so she did open a gift when she woke up, which was a “pack pack” for preschool and goggles for swim but overall her birthday was her biggest present. So we did our best to make it a super fun experience for her.

It was so fun to see her feel special on Her Day!


We went fairly simple with decorations – our biggest decoration was the rainbow arch that Jordan put together. He blew up each balloon, by mouth! #airhead haha I bought the balloons from Walmart because our local 99cent store didn’t sell individual colors.

::This is the Youtube inspo he used, for the Balloon Arch::

My girlfriend let us borrow her rainbow backsplash that ::she got from Ali-Express.::

As additional decorations we placed colorful balloons around the room, including these cute Unicorn balloons from Target and blew them up with helium, I bought from Walmart.


The kids spent a good amount of time running around playing tag, which I did not orchestrate, they did that all on their own and Brielle LOVED that!

Games I did orchestrate were:

Punch Piñata – I found this on Pinterest. It took a good amount of time to create but it was a Big Hit. Again, one of the aspects Brielle kept talking about after her party.

Punch Piñata is also where the kids got their party favors. I bought rainbow party favors bags at the dollar store. 20 bags for $1 and all the goodies they got out of the punch piñata, they put in the bag and took home.

Goodies that I put in each bunch slot included stuff found at the dollar store. Since we had equal boys and girls at her party, the goodies included boy and girl stuff. There were “red only” starbursts, bouncy balls, unicorn stickers, little cars (I had those at my house), smarties candies and ring pops.

All supplies to make the punch piñata were also purchased at the dollar store.

::Here was my punch piñata inspo and the directions for it:: 

Food Craft Activity:

I thought about creating these and having them on the food table, nervous that the 3&4 year olds would just eat the supplies instead of create the food craft  but they did really well. One of the kids said, “this is like the Great British Bakery Show.” Ha! All 7 of them decorated and then ate their creation.

::Here is the link for the directions on this Rainbow Food Craft (I only used one kind of small marshmallows) :: 


Because I had both boys and girls, I googled “Free Unicorn Coloring Printables”  & “Free Dinosaur Coloring Printables. These are the ones I found and used.

::Dinosaur Printable:: 

::Unicorn Printable:: 

 Red Light – Green Light:

This is actually the only game that Didn’t go as planned. I made big red and green signs to hold up, with colored cardboard paper and sticks to play “red light, green light.” The 4 year olds totally understood the concept but I had one rogue 3 year old and the other 3 year olds followed that one rogue kid.😄 So it was funny to watch but if definitely didn’t function as an organized activity. Which was all bueno. We tried twice and realized it wasn’t going to work. 😆

So they all went on to play tag again for a bit before we had cake.


I went Super Simple with food and just did water, with food coloring in it. We made fruit skewers (which only half of kids ate) There was tons of candy and that food fruit wasn’t as appealing to them!

Since the party was Brielle’s main gift, I went all out for the cake, hoping to get a big “Wow” from here, which it did!  🙌 

I hired my girl Katie from ::KatieCakesBakery:: to make this fabulous cake. The kids were all super jazzed about the outside and even more excited about the surprise candy on the inside. The cake was the first thing Brielle woke up talking about, the next day!


Unicorn Dress:

I bought this dress on Amazon and when we took it out of the package for Brielle to try on, she let out a big gasp. It was Unicorn Dress Love at first sight. It’s so dang cute. It however started to fray after her second wear…Here’s the link for it ::Unicorn Dress::

The whole party, including cake cost close to $200. And the experience was Priceless! 😉


Have any more questions about the party? Ask Below!