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My Favorite Podcasts & Drowning Out Negative Noise  

Have you ever wished you could download books to your brain??‍♀️ I have! I have for years wished this!! Over the past 10 years of listening to personal development books whether it be in the arena of health, finance, spirituality, parenting, mindset or otherwise. I have read and LISTENED to countless books! All shaping my mind and life in one form or another and LISTENING to positive audio is the closest I feel, I can Currently? get to downloading books to my brain.

Now as much as I thoroughly enjoy to sit and read a book. It’s almost like a little meditation for me, as I am forced to sit and focus, I also Thoroughly Enjoy listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Always having some sort of positively impactful audio playing in my ear when I’m doing dishes or cleaning up at the end of the night. When I am exercising or running errands alone. Or if I’m sitting down pumping milk. Any kind of mundane activity that allows for me to put an airpod (link to my IG airpod post) in my ear and listen to something good, I do!

What this does for me is A. allows me to “download” books to my brain and B. Fights the negative thoughts that can at times creep in mind. Flooding my mind with empowering content drowns out any negative noise. #nottodaysatan ?

Here are my Current Top 5 Audios to pop in my ear while I exercise or do chores to Drown Out That Negative Noise and keep me Educated and Inspired!

1.    Russel Brand’s Podcast – Under The Skin. (Apple Podcast)

 Girl, this podcasts speaks to my soul and my mind and always provides a chuckle. It might take you a couple of days to get through one episode because the average episode is over an hour long but is chock-full of goodness and perhaps enlighten you to live outside of the “norm.” I am however sad that his podcast is moving from the free apple podcast platform to the new Luminary paid subscription platform. I do, however, enjoy his Podcast THAT MUCH, that I may start paying for the monthly subscription.

2.    The Upside of Fear – Weldon Long (Audible) 

This book. This book I have listened to at least 5 times from beginning to end and just finished it again recently. His story is Ridiculously entertaining and awe-inspiring! This man went from spending 13 years in prison based off of wild decisions he made in his early years to being a wildly successful man in his home life, as a father and husband, as well as in business, building a 7 figure business that adds tremendous value to his community and world at large. Nothing, I could say could truly do this book justice except if you want to listen to something that will help you to realize EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Listen to This Book! 

3.    Oprah’s Master Class Podcast (Apple Podcasts) 

 I’m really into people’s stories lately. Not really direct “How to” books but rather stories that inspire my heart and mind based off of other people’s stories of triumph. That’s what Oprah’s Master Class Podcast is. Stories from Ellen DeGeneres to Kevin Hart to Oprah Winfrey’s story herself. Each story will provide you with inspiration, laughter, insight, and hope on your journey to a better you! 

There are over 50 episodes currently and a new one each week!

4.    Great Women of Business.

I finished this entire podcast a few months ago but it’s such a goodie, I need to share here now. The podcast sadly only has 6 episodes total but you will hear the stories of women from our history that have risen to great success. You’ll hear their struggles and their insights along the rise to “the top.” Stories about Coco Chanel to Julia Child. Madam C.J. Walker to Martha Stewart. Each episode is about an hour long, so again may take you a couple of days to get through each one but I’m sure you’ll get sucked into each episode, anticipating the moment you will be able to listen to it again. 

5.    The Whole Brained Child. (audible)

 This book, I am currently still listening to. The listen itself is a little dry at times but it is jam-packed full of tools to help navigate some of the more challenging emotions that come with having toddlers and young children. This book has been incredibly insightful for me and managing my own emotions as well as patiently assisting my daughter to identify her emotions. Reminding me as a parent the importance of responding instead of reacting and connecting with my children in a conscious way to help them navigate and understand their emotions and the world around them.

I’m almost finished with the book and have applied many of the things it suggests with positive feedback. I’ll always be a work in progress as a woman and mama but this book has definitely equipped me with tools to enjoy raising babies more! 

Well, there you have it! My Current Top 5 Favs!!  If you listen to them. Take a screenshot and tag me or leave a comment here below! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!