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Brielle quote of the week: “Dad, I’m so sad. A french fry will make me happy!” 😆

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Well, be finally did it! We got rid of Brielle’s “night night” aka her pacifier. She will be 3 in July and although she only used it for sleep, we FINALLY felt like it was time to get rid of it! Jordan and I were both super surprised at how well the transition went. She hardly even cried!

Jett is officially an Army Crawler and is in to everything he can get his hands on. He is still the most smiley baby although, it is apparent he is ready to REALLY start keeping up with sister by walking and will whine about it, to let us know his dismay!

Jordan and I had the most fun date night – Axe Throwing and although it is on the pricier side of date nights, it was so fun and hilariously sprinkled with too many “that’s what she said” jokes! We also managed to get in a game night with friends and as we normally play a game night favorite of “Ticket to Ride,” our friends brought over a game called “5-Minute Dungeon.” It was a really cute and fun game and it is also simple enough for school age kids to play. So could be a fun family game night game!

Friday afternoon, we spontaneously decided to take the kids, yes both kids, to Aladdin and although we spent 85% of the movie, walking the stairs and in the front entrance. It was a super cute movie and despite needing to move their bodies the whole time, the kids did well. There is no replacing Robin Williams as Genie but Will Smith did a darn good job and it was very much a woman empowerment movie! 

On the work front, this last week, I over worked myself and by Saturday morning I vowed to be a better woman, mama and business owner. Getting more laser focused across all fronts on my life, so that I could more enjoy my life! I unplugged all day Saturday and really connected with my family. After all, my family doesn’t care about my goals, they only care about getting in quality time with me. It’ll constantly be a juggling act, adding my personal side gig into the mix but I vow to be better and better every day and joyfully and effectively make it all work! 

On a lighter note, I have had a “nice camera” for over 5 years now and I figured it was finally time to really learn how to use it!! I took a really fun class on Sunday, with one of my solar customers, who has since turned into a dear friend. I took one of her super fun, styled shoots and she taught me how to manually use my camera! It was so nice to get out and learn in a fun and beautiful ambiance with other creative women! I look forward to taking another class, to help fine tune this fun personal creative outlet!

My favorite half of the year is quickly approaching! July-Dec is madness typically but in such a fun way! July kicks us off with a holiday, 3 birthdays and 2 family reunions! It’s gunna be a wild blast!!

Sending you loads of love and gratitude!